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Live video has been brought up here and there and Google+ even has its own version with its Google Hangouts (but those are confusing as hell and need to be put to death). But finally Twitter has really brought the house down with its newest app called Periscope. I say new, but it’s really been around for close to five months. So I’m a little behind, sue me! Continue reading “10 WAYS TO USE PERISCOPE FOR BUSINESS”

How to end your work day


At the end of a long workday, you may just want to close out your email, turn off your computer, and flop in front of Netflix. But spending 15-30 minutes at the end of your day prepping for the next will make the following morning much easier. Continue reading “How to end your work day”

How To Be Happy At Work: 10 Simple Tips That Work

Do you want to learn how to be happier at work? Here are 10 simple things that you can do that are proven to work. Continue reading “How To Be Happy At Work: 10 Simple Tips That Work”

Ok, so hashtags aren’t the most innovative of social media subjects I could write about, but for a lot of people they can be confusing. What are they?  Can I create one myself?  Is there best practice twittiquette?  #Can #I #use #them #all #the #time?! #OrShouldIWriteItLikeThisInstead?! #orthis?

Continue reading “#hashtag-tastic”

In November last year, a group of Malaysian entrepreneurs were selected into the MaGIC e@Stanford program to go to Silicon Valley to immerse themselves in one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial hubs in the world. In one of the workshops, a Stanford University professor who was also a serial entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, boldly declared to the class that more than half of them would eventually fail. Silence fell in the room, some gasped “Oh gosh, he shouldn’t say that!”. I then stood up and said “Well, if half of you failed, then it’s an opportunity for the other half to convince you to join the more successful team!”. The vibe of the room then changed, as if it was a light bulb moment when they saw failure in a new light, a revelation of the potential of combining teams or as co-founders.  Continue reading “Failure is a Badge of Honor”

People are constantly trying to define what makes someone entrepreneurial — a born business owner rather than a follower. A new NBER paper from Ross Levine and Yona Rubinstein looks all the way back to people’s childhoods to figure out what distinguishes not just an entrepreneur from an employee, but people who start and run a business rather than the merely self-employed. Continue reading “5 Early Signs Your Kid Is On The Path To Being The Next Massively Successful Entrepreneur”

Best Practices For Expanding Your Small Business

Are you considering growing your business and expanding into new markets? Have you thought about the effect growth may have on your business? That growth doesn’t necessarily translate into more profit. Continue reading “Best Practices For Expanding Your Small Business”

LinkedIn launches personal brand measuring tools

Professional social network LinkedIn has released a tool enabling members to measure how well they are building their brand on the site. Continue reading “LinkedIn launches personal brand measuring tools”

Have you ever considered corporate video production and then disregarded it due to feeling it is expensive and overpriced? Well, you’re not alone. Many business owners often share the common misconception that high quality video is very expensive. But it does not have to be; with recent advancements in video technology, the market really has changed for the better. Continue reading “How Much Does Corporate Video Production Really Cost?”

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